Dear Future Bold Babes!

To start I am just your football-loving, doughnut-eating, floor sitting, universe obsessed, hopefully, future Big Brother cast member type of chick! Wow, that was a mouthful! Me in a nutshell!

I am Kylee Kurto! A female that was in search of a purpose. It started way back when peanut Kylee took her first dance class. She fell in love with the art but feared public speaking and the attention of her peers. Literally would break out in hives having to present. #Allergictopublicspeaking. Until I entered my first pageant at nineteen years old. I can’t believe I did it either, but it opened a door I never knew existed.

See, pageants gave me a platform and a voice. I was able to openly discuss my eating disorder and encourage other females to see their obstacles as opportunities rather than barriers.

When I landed a leadership position at a non-profit that serves adults with disabilities, it filled a void in my heart I didn’t even know was empty. I worked with people who have every odd stacked against them, yet they are happy, living, and breaking the unbreakable barriers. They are the definition of bold humans.

With my combined passions of leading and serving my community, I found my purpose. I want to give every female the opportunity to share her story. Just as pageantry gave me a platform, I want to be your platform. I want to be your stepping stone. I want the world to hear you loud and clear. I want you to find the bold you. So let’s do this babes!

Much Love,

Kylee 🙂